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Logo Case Studies

Below is a collection of case studies taken from the Biz-Logo.com portfolio. All the logo design examples shown in the case studies are from actual logo design projects completed for clients of Biz-Logo.com and its partners.

3 Tone Cubed logo
3D Arrow Minerals logo
3D M Logo
Abstract Airplane Globe Travel Logo
Abstract Arrow Swoosh Logo
Abstract Beachball Globe logo
Abstract Bird Logo
Abstract Butterfly Logo
Abstract Circular People logo
Abstract Globe Logo
Abstract Grid Logo
Abstract S Logo
Accountancy Payroll Logo
Accounting Letter J Logo
Accounting Services Logo
Acupuncture Clinic Logo
Advocate Scales logo
Aerobics Logo
Aeronautical Marine Environmental Logo
Air Cargo Logo
Air Conditioning Logo
Airplane Logo
Airport Company Logo
All Seeing Eye logo
Anglican Church Logo
Animal Vet Company Logo
Apple Logo
Appraisal Real Estate Logo
Arizona Property Logo
Arms Logo
Arrow Logo
Aspen Antler Logo
Association Circle U Logo
Atom Logo
Attorney Letter H Logo
Attorney Wordmark Logo
Attorneys Law Logo
Auto Dealer logo
Auto Parts Logo
Auto Shield Logo
Automation Eagle Logo
Automation Globe Logo
Automation Logo
Aviation Logo
Aviation Star logo
Bamboo Logo
Baptist Church Freeform Logo
Baseball Logo
Basmati Rice Logo
Bath Products Logo
Bath Swoosh Logo
Beach Technology Company Logo
Bird Flying Swoosh logo
Bird Swoosh logo
Bird Wings Motion Logo
Black Jumping Horse Logo
Block Logo
Blue Orange Letter Logo
Blue Swoosh Eagle Logo
Blue-Yellow Construction Logo
Bold Real Estate Swoosh logo
Book Caduceus Logo
Bookkeeping Logo
Brown House Realtor Logo
Building Arch Logo
Building Construction Logo
Building Logo
Bull Logo
Bungee Fitness Logo
Business Consultancy Logo
Business Transformation Logo
Cabinet Logo
Cake Designs Chef Hat Logo
California Realty Logo
Canadian Flag Logo
Cancer Corporation Logo
Canine Coaching Logo
Canine logo
Capital Company Logo
Car Logo
Cash Loan Logo
Cast Stone Products Logo
Cattle Rancher Logo
Certified Accountant Logo
Certified Public Accountant Logo
Chariot Archer Logo
Checkmark Properties Logo
Cheese Dairy Logo
Chef Hat Logo
Chef Hat Logo
Christian Educators Academy Logo
Christian Youth Logo
Chrome Roof Logo
Church Dove Cross Logo
Church Harvest Logo
Church Modern Logo
Church Swoosh Logo
Church Youth Logo
Circular Construction Company Logo
Circular Cutlery Catering logo
Circular Eagle Logo
Circular Lines Logo
Circular Technology Logo
Circular Therapy Logo
Circular Tree Logo
Circus Logo
City Water Drop Hand logo
Clinical Research Lighthouse Logo
Clinical Research Logo
Clothing Logo
Coffee Cup Logo
College Football Logo
Colored Globe logo
Colorful Globe Swoosh Logo
Commercial Real Estate Logo
Community Logo
Community Care Logo
Compass Cross Church Logo
Compass Logo
Concentric Circles P Logo
Construction Company Logo
Construction Company Logo 2
Construction Consulting Logo
Construction Design Logo
Construction House Logo
Construction Letter S Logo
Construction Logo
Construction Logo2
Construction Maintenance Logo
Construction Renovation Logo
Construction Swoosh Logo
Consultant Wordmark Logo
Consulting Company Lighthouse Logo
Consulting Company Logo
Consulting Customers Company Logo
Consulting Firm Logo
Consulting Logo
Contracting Landscape Leaf Logo
Contracting Star House Logo
Convenience Store Logo
Correction Mark Logo
Counseling Logo
Couture Wedding Logo
Credit Company Logo
Cross Arrows Logo
Cross Dove Logo
Cross Figures Logo
Cross Segmented Shield Logo
Cross Tree Combination logo
Crosshairs Logo
Crosshairs Logo 2
Crown Plumber Logo
Crystal Logo
Cubist Structure Logo
Custom Homes Logo
Cyber Speech Bubble Logo
Cycling-Sport Logo
Decor Natural Logo
Design Drafting Services Logo
Development Group Logo
Diamond Law Logo
Diesel Logo
Doctor Money Logo
Dog Cartoon Red Logo
Dog Crest Logo
Dog Training Logo
Domestic Commercial Cleaning Logo
Domestic Commercial Construction Logo
Dove Cross Shield Church Logo
Dual Tone Shield logo
Dynamic Globe Logo
Dynamic Logo
Eagle Financial Logo
Eagle Sales Logo
Eagle Stylish Logo
Eagle Sun Fire Logo
Eagle Sun Logo
Earth Fire Logo
Edelweiss Logo
Education Shield Eagle Logo
EKG Anesthesia Logo
EKG Triangle logo
EKG Vet logo
Electronic Logo
Electronic Repair Company Logo
Electronics Enterprises Logo
Electronics Wordmark Logo
Elegant Medical Logo
Elegant Roof Logo
Elephant Logo
Elevator Inspections Consulting Logo
Embroidery Logo
Empowering Training Solution Logo
Energy Consultancy Logo
Engine Bearing Logo
Engineering Creativity Company Logo
Engineering Logo
Engineering Modern Company Logo
Engines Automotive Logo
Enterprise Business Logo
Environmental Services Logo
Equestrian Logo
Equine Rescue Logo
Exchange Bureau Logo
Exhibition Services Logo
Export Import Global Logo
Export Management Logo
Export Partner Logo
Face Profile Card Logo
Facial Features Logo
Facial Features Logo
Faith Dove Circle Cross Logo
Family Baptist Church Logo
Family Holistic Care Medical Logo
Farm Letter Logo
Fashion Boutique Logo
Fashion Company Logo
Fellowship Church Logo
Fiber Optic Logo
Fibre Company Logo
Field Mobility Software Solutions Logo
Figures Globe Logo
Film Company Logo
Financial Company Logo
Financial Planning Logo
Financial Services Logo
Financial Trading Logo
Fine Art Photography Logo
Fire Security Shield Logo
Flag Realty Logo
Flower Nature Logo
Flying Frog Logo
Flying Seagull Logo
Fork Star Logo
Freeform Hands Globle Logo
Front Door Logo
Fun People Logo
Funeral Home Logo
Funnel Logo
Gaming Hardware Logo
General Trading Logo
Gin Logo
Glass Reflection Logo
Global Company Logo
Global Insurance Group Logo
Global Logistics Logo
Global Recycle Consulting Company Logo
Global Solutions Logo
Global Transport Logo
Global Travel Logo
Globe and Letter C Logo
Globe and Star Logo
Globe Company Logo
Globe Dollar Sign Logo
Globe Lines Swoosh Logo
Globe Pillar Logo
Globe Red Blue Logo
Globe Swoosh Logo
Globe Swoosh Medical Logo
Globe Two Arrows Logo
Globe Wave Logo
Gourmet Chef Logo
Grass Hut Logo
Green Energy Resources Logo
Green Gray Dollar Logo
Green Line A Logo
Growing Tree Church Logo
Guitar Logo
Hand Drawn Plant Logo
Hands Logo
Handyman Logo
Happy Pets Logo
Health Analytics Logo
Health Fitness Logo
Health Living Logo
Health Rehabilitation Logo
Health Screening Logo
Health Solutions Partner Logo
Healthcare Center Logo
Healthcare People Logo
Healthcare Quality Care Logo
Heart House Logo
Heart Logo
Heart Shaped Human logo
Hexagon Logo
Home Inspections Logo
Home Care Logo
Home Growth Logo
Home Guide Logo
Home Inspection Logo
Home Inspection Logo
Home Management Logo
Home Star Logo
Home Theater Systems Logo
Homeowner Insurance Logo
Homeownership Logo
Horse Action Logo
Horse Manners Training Logo
Horse Racing Logo
Horse Rescue Logo
Horticulture Logo
Hospital Logo
House Envelope Logo
House Flag Construction Realty Logo
House Flower Logo
House Heart Logo
House Keyhole Property Logo
House Monogram Logo
House Red Black Logo
House Reflection Logo
House Star Realty Logo
House With Open Door Logo
HR Strategies Logo
HVAC Company Logo
Immigration Solutions Logo
Import Export Logo
India Hospital Logo
Industrial Company Logo
Industrial Company Logo
Information Technology Logo
Information Technology Wave Logo
Initials Logo
Innovation Company Logo
Innovation Logo
Insurance Annuity Services Logo
Insurance Financial Services
Insurance Logo
Interior Plantscape Logo
Internal Medicine Logo
International Estates Company Logo
International Trading Logo
Interstate Shield Logo
Investment Corporation Logo
Investment Logo
Investments Real Estate Logo
Irrigation Turf Services Logo
Island Child Logo
Island Realty logo
Jigsaw Puzzle Logo
Job Search Logo
Key Logo
Kids Logo
Landscaping Logo
Landscaping Maintenance Logo
Law Firm Logo
Law Leadership Logo
Law Logo
Law Office Justice Logo
Law Office Logo
Law Offices Book Logo
Law Offices logo
Lawyer Logo
Leaf Baptist Church Logo
Leaf Environmental Group Logo
Leaf Logo
Leaf Tree logo
Legal Company Logo
Legal Firm Wave Logo
Letter A Logo
Letter A Logo
Letter A to Z logo
Letter B Globe Logo
Letter B Law Firm Logo
Letter B Realty Logo
Letter B Trading Logo
Letter B Wings Logo
Letter C House Logo
Letter C Marketing Logo
Letter D Data Business Logo
Letter D Swoosh Logo
Letter E Logo
Letter E Legal And Tax Logo
Letter F Logo
Letter F Monogram Logo
Letter G Leaf Logo
Letter I Logo
Letter I Planet Logo
Letter i Two Tone logo
Letter L Insurance Logo
Letter L Logo
Letter L Swoosh Logo.
Letter Logos
Letter M Heart Logo
Letter M Swoosh Logo
Letter M Wordmark logo
Letter O Globe Logo
Letter R Logo
Letter S Globe Logo
Letter S W Banking Logo
Letter V Logo
Letter W Logo
Letter W Word Mark Logo
Letter X Logo
Licensed Electric Company Logo
Life Enhancement Logo
Life Style Logo
Lighthouse Financial Logo
Lighthouse Insurance Logo
Lighthouse Shipping Logo
Lightning Bolt Logo
Link Logo
Lion Design Logo
Logo With Letter A Logo
Mac Store Logo
Machinery Logo
Maid Service Logo
Management Company Logo
Marketing Logo
Martial Arts Logo
Maya Turtle Logo
Media Company Letter M Logo
Media Logo
Medical Caduceus Logo
Medical Community Clinic Logo
Medical Equipment Logo
Medical Eyecare Logo
Medical Group Logo
Medical Location Logo
Medical Monogram Logo
Medical Supplies Logo
Medical Waste Logo
Medication Logo
Metal Eye Logo
Mexican Organization Logo
Michigan Landscape Logo
Military Realty Firm Logo
Ministries Cross Logo
Ministries People Cross Logo
Mobile Eye Care Logo
Modern Health Logo
Modern Health Logo
Mountain Swoosh Church Logo
Mountain Swoosh Logo
Mountain Wave Logo
Multicolor Logo
Natural Health Green Logo
Nature Growth Logo
Nature Organic Logo
Naturopathic Clinic Logo
Number 1 Logo
Nurse Consulting Logo
Nursing Logo
Ocean Logo
Office Workout Logo
Online Company Letter R Logo
Online Company Logo
Open Book Logo
Ophthalmic Consulting Logo
Optometrist Logo
Oral Interpretation Logo
Oralcare Aesthetic Logo
Organic Cake Logo
Packaging Support Logo
Parcel Delivery Logo
Parent and Children Logo
Paw Logo
Payroll Software Logo
Pediatric Logo
People Flower Logo
Pepper Logo
Person Swoosh Logo
Personal Home Chef Catering Logo
Pet Care Family Logo
Pet Clinic Logo
Pet Equine Hospitals Logo
Pet Food Logo
Pet Services Logo
Pet Sitters Logo
Pets Logo
Phone App Logo
Photography Flower Logo
Photography Logo
Physical Therapy Logo
Physician Logo
Picture Framing Logo
Pie Shop Logo
Pilates Logo
Pillar Logo
Pink Boutique Logo
Pipe Logo
Plant Church Logo
Plumbing Solutions Logo
Plumbing Waterdrop Logo
Pony Letter Logo
Poor Boy Logo
Precision Products Logo
Presbytarian Church Logo
Presbytarian Church Ocean Logo
Preschool Logo
Production Company Letter A Logo
Professional Quality Swoosh Logo
Promotional Products Logo
Properties Company Logo
Property Group Logo
Property Logo
Property Management Green Logo
Property Management Red Logo
Property Valuers Logo
Public Accountant Logo
Public Accounting Logo
Publishing Company Logo
Puzzle Realty Logo
Reaching Logo
Real Estate Service Logo
Real Estate Solutions Logo
Real Estate Appraisals Logo
Real Estate Company Logo
Real Estate Development Logo
Real Estate Group Logo
Real Estate Investments Logo
Real Estate Logo Design
Real Estate Management Logo
Real Estate Professional Logo
Realtor Listing Logo
Realty Investments Logo
Realty Brokerage Logo
Realty Eagle Logo
Realty Globe Logo
Realty Group Logo
Realty House Logo
Realty Lighthouse Logo
Realty Logo
Realty Roof Globe Logo
Realty Solutions Logo
Recruitment Logo
Recycling Heart Logo
Reflection Logo
Rehabilitation Logo
Remodelling Construction Logo
Residential Commercial Mortgage Logo
Residential Construction Logo
Restaurant Steakhouse Logo
River Logo
Rocky Mountain Logo
Rod Of Asclepius Logo
Roof Logo
Roof Shield Logo
Roof Square Logo
Roof Sun Logo
S Monogram Tax Logo
Sailboat Logo
Sailing Logo
San Diego Homes Logo
Scarlet Logo
School Logo
Screaming Eagle Logo
Security Academy Logo
Security Protection Company
Services Financial Logo
Shelter Solutions Logo
Shield Circle Logo
Shield Home Inspections Logo
Shield Letter a Logo
Shield Logo
Shield Swoosh Logo
Shirt Clothes Company Logo
Sideways Lion Logo
Signature Logo
Signs Company Logo
Simple House Logo
Simple Letter A Logo
Simple Real Estate Logo
Skin Care Logo
Sky Birds Logo
Skyline Properties Logo
Sleep Medicine Logo
Snake Wings Logo
Snow Resort Logo
Snowcapped Mountain Path Logo
Software Globe Logo
Software Solutions Logo
Solar Energy Logo
Speech Therapy Communication Logo
Spine Logo
Spiritual Physical Healing Logo
Sports Lightning Bolt Logo
Sportswear Company Logo
Squares Small Logo
Staircase Logo
Standing Lion Logo
Star Circular Logo
Star House logo
Star Real Estate Logo
Star Realty Logo
Strategic Solutions Logo
Student Services Logo
Stylized Face Logo
Suit Tie Logo
Sun Globe Logo
Sun Property Logo
Sunset Real Estate Logo
Sunshine Logo
Superhero Logo
Surf Logo
Swiss Markets Logo
Swoosh People Church Logo
Swoosh Property Group Logo
Swoosh Water Blue Logo
Swoosh Wave Logo
Symbol Logo
Target Sports Logo
Tax Services Logo
Team House Logo
Technologies Dynamic Logo
Technology Leaf Logo
Technology Lion Logo
Technology Services Logo
Thought Flow Logo
Three Swoosh Logo
Trade Corporation Logo
Trade Custom Globe Logo
Trade Logo
Training Group Logo
Translation Services Logo
Travel Nature Tourism Logo
Tree Leaves Logo
Tree Nursery Logo
Triangles Medical logo
Truck Freight Logo
Truck Leasing Logo
Two Color Construction Logo
Two Color Leaf Logo
Urgent Care Logo
Urology Clinic Logo
USA Building Logo
USA Flag Realty Logo
Vehicle Repair Logo
Vending Logo
Veterinary Hospital Dog Cat Logo
Video Reel Logo
Voice logo
Wave Solutions Company Logo
Wealth Management Logo
Wealth Management Logo
Wealthy Management Logo
Web Hosting Genet Logo
Weight Loss Logo
White Branches Logo
Winding Road Logo
Wire Frame Globe Logo
Woodbrook Church Logo
Woodwork Logo
Wordmark Logo
World Map Logo
Worship Center Logo