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Wealth Management Logo
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Our client from Texas became a certified financial planner in 2009 and chose to take the step of opening up his own practice after 10 years of experience. He specializes in investment advice and recommendations. He approached Biz-Logo.com in his search for a company logo, that illustrates strength and ingenuity. The design had to generate a positive visual image. He bought our Silver Package, which offers 15 unique concept designs to choose from. The Silver Package offered our client unlimited alterations to his final choice, unlimited color applications as well as unlimited fonts to be designed in the logo. The turn around time of the Silver Package is 2 business days. The price of this Package is $299.00 (USD).

A 30 day money-back guarantee is available if any of our clients bail out before 30 days are expired, counting from the day payment is received. The refund is immediate, taking into account certain unforeseen circumstances.

The logo design displayed on this page portrays a building with a cornerstone, surrounded by a circle. The majority of the building consists of navy blue colored squares, whilst the corner stone is colored green.

Being in the wealth management industry, our client needed a logo which could speak for itself.

Here the emphasis is strongly placed on the green colored cornerstone, which is frequently referred to as the appropriate symbol of a chief in the defence of his people, in support of all who should put their trust in him. This is the message which should be carried across to put customers at ease.

Blue on the other hand, relates to trust, honesty and dependability, therefore helping to build customer loyalty. It indicates confidence and reliability and is often used in businesses, such as financial companies, where trust is important.

The color green relates to money, wealth and prestige. It also represents growth and vitality. And creates a sense of calm and nurturing for all.

The circle surrounding the building, symbolizes protection and security. It also indicates eternity and focus.

By using the correct subliminal techniques and colors representing this financial business, a powerful logo was finalized to the satisfaction and approval of our content client!

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