Before the sale

I'm not in the United States. Can I still order from you?

Aargh! The logo I want is sold! Can you make a similar logo for me?

Why do some logos cost more than others?

There is a pre-designed logo I like, but can you change the colors?

What if I don't like the logo(s) you send me?

How long will the logo design process take?

Can you guarantee a delivery time for the final logo? I'm up against a deadline here!

Biz-Logo is fast, but what about quality? I would rather wait longer for a better quality product.

Biz-Logo is fast, but I want it yesterday! Can you give my logo priority or somehow speed this up?

How will I be communicating with the Biz-Logo design team?

Are Biz-Logo designers in-house or do you use freelancers?

How many designers will work on my logo?

Is there a limit on the number of colors I can have in my logo?

Can more than one person provide feedback on the designs you come up with?

How will the logo be delivered to me? Can I get it via email and shipped to me on a CD?

In what formats will the logo be delivered?

In what color space will the logo be created?

How will you know how big to make my logo?

Will I need special software to open my logo?

Do I need to include "Inc.", "LLC" etc. in my logo?

I want a pre-designed logo, but I want to see what it looks like with my name and in my colors before I place my order. Can that be done?

Can I buy a pre-designed logo and get exclusive rights to it?

What about logo copyright? Do I own the copyright to my logo?

Can I see the logo design process in action?

Too expensive!! Can I get a discount?

How do I know that you will deliver all that you promise?



After the sale

How do I get a smaller version of my logo?

How do I insert my logo into a Word document?

When I put my new logo on my site it looks terrible. What am I doing wrong?

Can you also help with business card designs?

Can you also help with letterhead designs?

Can you also help with other stationery designs like envelopes, brochures, ad layouts etc.?

Can you also design my web site?

Can you also animate my logo?

Can I modify my logo myself?

How much will it cost to change the name in my logo?

How do I protect my logo?

I lost my logo files! Help!



For Logo Designers

Can I resell Biz-Logo's logo designs to my clients?

Can I sell my pre-designed logos on Biz-Logo?



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