Biz-Logo is fast, but I want it yesterday!
Can you give my logo priority or speed this up?

Short answer:

Yes, we can. Our "Rush" upgrade costs $99. It's non-refundable. Please pay here.

Long answer:

We offer a "Rush" upgrade. What this basically means is that, when your order for the upgrade comes through, our admin folks drop whatever they are doing. Your logo is immediately assigned to a designer who will drop whatever he or she is doing and start your design. As soon as the designs are ready they are then posted to our client area for your approval/feedback. If you request additional changes or fine-tuning, the process repeats... everyone drops everything and your logo is again the axis that the Biz-Logo studio revolves around.

Our normal turnaround time is 1 to 2 business days per revision. With the rush upgrade that usually becomes 2 or 3 revisions every day. Exact turnarounds of course depend on how quickly you provide feedback and on the complexity of the design.

The Rush upgrade applies for the duration of the design process. It only ends when the final image files are delivered to you.

Please note that the Biz-Logo money-back guarantee applies to design orders and not upgrade orders. The $99 fee for the Rush upgrade is not refundable.