Can you also help with letterhead designs?

Yes, we can help you with the design of your letterheads. Letterhead design and the design of other stationery items like business cards are normally $95 each, but if we also designed your logo, you pay only $79 per stationery item.

How to place an order for letterhead designs from Biz-Logo:

If you are an existing Biz-Logo customer:

Fire off an email to us with all the info you want displayed on your letterhead design. If you also need other stationery items like business cards, envelopes, compliment slips etc., please mention that.

You are welcome to simply reply to one of the emails we sent you previously. That way you will get a quicker response. Or post a message for your designer in the client area - in any of your existing design projects.

If you are not an existing Biz-Logo customer:

We can definitely still help you with your letterhead design, but before we can get started on that we will need your logo in vector format.

If you have it in vector format, send us an email here with a quick explanation of what you need. We'll send you a price.

If you do not have your logo in vector format (or if you are not sure), please send us what you have. We can also redraw the logo in vector format (if needed). We will take a look at your logo and send you a quote for the redraw and the letterhead design.

If you also need other stationery designs (business cards, envelopes etc.), please mention that in your email.

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