Logo Redesign and Logo Repair Service
Try the Biz-Logo.com "Hospital" for your logo redesign or logo repair job. Simply send us your old logo and we'll reply with your free logo repair quotation within 1 business day. See below for further details...
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Biz-Logo.com's Logo Hospital
Logo Redesign and Logo Repair Service

Has your logo been...

  • faxed,
  • Xeroxed,
  • scanned and
  • abused

beyond all recognition?

Maybe you just have it in a low resolution (it looks terrible when you resize it).

Maybe you made it yourself and just need it cleaned up a bit.

Email us what you have. We'll send you a free logo repair quote within 1 business day. Our logo repair prices start from just $50.

(We promise to send only your free quote. No follow-ups, no reminders, no special offers and no other junk email. Just your quote - just once - within 1 business day. Read our full privacy policy here.)

Ready to look like a real business again?

For your free logo repair quote, attach your current logo to an email and send it to:


VERY IMPORTANT: Please make the subject of your email "logo repair". We receive a lot of spam at this address and automatically delete anything that does not have these words in the subject line!

A word from the owner of Biz-Logo.com

Try our logo repair service by mailing your logo to the address above. Chances are that repairing / redesigning your old logo will cost a lot less than you think. If you accept the quotation we send and you are not convinced that the repaired logo is worth every cent, I will refund your money in full. No questions asked.

Your free, no-obligation logo repair quote will be in your inbox within 1 business day.

Here's that email address again:




Logo Repair from $50

"When I decided to use your company to fix my Logo, the price was low enough for me to give it a try even though I did not know you. Because of the low price, my expectations on service were not that high. I want to tell you how pleased I am with what you have done for me. I received incredible value for my dollar. You did not just repair the logo but you also gave me color choices and font choices, gave advice on the best options, tested the logo the way I needed it to work and were responsive in my request for other formats."


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