Web Site Design

In our opinion, web sites should be tailor-made for the businesses they represent. We have decided to cancel all our web site design packages and offer custom web design only.

If you have a web site design budget of $3,000+, please use the links below to get the ball rolling. We will look through your requirements, send you a cost estimate and, if you give us the go-ahead, build you a brilliant web site.

To get started, please access our client area and click "add a new project" on the main menu. If you are not an existing client, please contact us.

Hey, what happened to your cheap web site design packages?

We had a re-think. When custom web site design is done properly, it is always time-consuming. By offering low cost web sites we were forcing ourselves to get it done as quickly as possible. It's just not profitable otherwise. So we were churning out web sites that were good enough, but we did not enjoy it nearly as much as we enjoy making logos.

When we make logos we try to make brilliant logos, not logos that are merely "good enough". We love aiming high and our logo design clients love us for it.

We realized that we needed to either lift our web design service to the same level or we needed to stop building web sites. Being satisfied with "good enough" is bad for your business and ours. We're not happy unless we aim for "brilliant".