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Thousands of unique pre-designed logos for sale

  • Each logo 100% original.
  • Each logo designed by a professional designer.
  • Each logo sold only ONCE.
  • Unlimited alterations to your logo.
  • Full copyright transfer of the final design.
  • Each logo backed by our unconditional money-back guarantee.

As an alternative to browsing logos or searching by keyword, you can also browse our logos by the logo title.

Off-site pre-designed logos

Old, archived logos


( See a case study here )

Exclusive ownership with all our pre-designed logos. These are not "template" logos. Pre-designed logos on Biz-Logo are original and are each sold only once.

When you buy one of these logos, you own the copyright to it. The only right we retain is the right to display it on our site as part of our portfolio of past work. We do NOT have the right to resell your logo.

It depends on the logo. Browse the logo categories to the left to see individual prices.

When you submit your order, we will redraw the logo with your company name (and any other info you want to include like a slogan or web address) and deliver a preview image to you (via email) within 1 business day. If you want any additional changes, turnaround for that is again 1 business day. You receive unlimited alterations with these logos, so you can continue requesting changes until your logo is perfect.

You can specify the:
- color,
- case and
- font
that you want us to use. These options will be available when you place your order. Even if you specify fonts, colors etc., you can still change your mind. One of our in-house designers will send you a preview image and will work with you to make additional changes as needed. We only finalize the logo when you are 101% happy with it.

If you want more changes than the ones above, send us an email before you order. As a rule we don't make changes to the logo image itself (that would make it a custom logo), but if it's a small change we'll throw it in for free.

We'll send the logo to you in web and printing formats and in at least 4 different sizes. We really want to make sure that you have the logo in all the sizes and formats you need, so if you require it in a specific format (like psd) and a specific size - like 200 pixels x 150 pixels, 72dpi - we will send you those extra files at no charge. If you ever need to change the logo itself - like changing the business name or a color - a small design fee will usually apply.

If it's not answered in the FAQ below, please ask!


(AKA Readymade / Pre-made logos)


How do pre-designed logos work?

These logos are all for sale. Pre-designed logos are unique, original creations - created for people like you - people who want an affordable logo and want it yesterday. Unlike many other logo design companies, we do not resell these logos. Each logo on this site is sold ONLY ONCE.

You can buy any of the pre-designed logos on this site - except the ones that say "Sold". One of our experienced designers will redraw your logo with the company name you specify and create a couple of different layouts for you to choose from. This is emailed to you within 1 business day. Once you let us know which of the layouts you want, we create the final image files (for printing, web use etc.) and email them to you. The time limit for this is again 1 business day.

Note that you can skip the layouts step above. If you need it urgently, we'll add your company name and send you the final image files right away.

To start, browse the categories above. Pick any logo you see by clicking on it. You'll be taken to an order page for that logo, where you can specify your company name and pay for the logo. That's it.

For a more step-by-step explanation, click here.

What are the benefits of pre-designed logos?

  • You save money

    Custom logos are more expensive because the process is more time-consuming. Pre-designed logos on the other hand make life easier for the designer - we don't have to figure out what you like, you show us exactly what you like by picking a pre-designed logo. We pass that saving on to you.

  • You save time

    Your logo can be yours to use - on your web site, letterheads, business cards, anywhere - by this time tomorrow. If tomorrow is Saturday or Sunday, you'll have it first thing Monday morning.

Are pre-designed logos unique?

Absolutely. At, all our pre-designed logos are 100% unique. These are not template logos. Each pre-designed logo was created from scratch by a professional designer - and each design is sold once. When you buy a pre-designed logo, it's yours. Nobody else can buy the same logo.

If you are shopping around for pre-designed logos, watch out for template logos. Template logos are normally resold. Yes, that's ridiculous. Sharing a logo with someone else is, well, like sharing underwear. It's just not done. Imagine the trademark battles that will follow. Lawyers live for this stuff. Do not buy a logo unless you are 100% sure that you are also buying the exclusive rights to it.

What's the difference between "pre-designed logos" and "pre-made logos"?

No difference. Pre-designed logos are also known as:

  • Pre-made logos
  • Readymade logos
  • Ready made logos
  • Template logos (usually refers to logos that are resold)
  • Shelf logos

How much exactly?

The price depends on the logo. Browse through the categories above to view prices. The logo prices do not reflect the quality of the logo (we think they're all great logos), but rather the amount of time the designer spent on it. Sometimes a designer will start working on a logo and it just "works". Sometimes they spend hours getting it the way they want it.

What if I see a logo I like but I want it changed slightly?

With these pre-designed logos there are three things that are changeable: the color, the case and the font. If you see a logo you like but you want it in a different color or font type or you want the text changed from uppercase to lower case (or vice versa), we'll make those changes at no extra cost. We'll also make sure you have all the sizes and formats you need. In fact, if you need it in a different size or format 10 years from now, we'll send you what you need. No charge. We will make your logo look great for as long as you want to use it.

If you see a logo you like but want to change more than just these 3 things, let us know. If it's easy enough to do, we'll throw it in for free. We will send you a "yes" or a "no" within 1 business day. Please tell us the product number (to the left of the logo) when you contact us about a specific logo.

Oh yes, and when you order, we don't just slap your business name in there. We'll send you the logo in a couple of different layouts to choose from. Click here to see an example of the pre-designed logos process.

I have very specific requirements. Can you build me a custom logo?

We certainly can. Custom logos obviously cost a little more, but the extra money buys you unlimited concept designs (Platinum logo package). In other words, we'll keep redesigning your logo until it is EXACTLY as you want it - even if we have to make a thousand unique designs before we get there. Click here for details about our custom logo packages.

I also need business cards!

No problem. Mention it when you order your logo, but let's not worry about stationary (business cards, letterheads, envelopes etc.) until the logo is exactly as you want it. Once you're happy with the logo, we'll will prepare a quote for you for the stationary.

For now you can work on more or less $80 each for the business card, letterhead and envelope. If you take the lot, we'll cut the price to around $200 for all three. Note though that these prices are not guaranteed. We share them here just to give you a rough idea of the cost. If your stationary costs more than (or less than) the prices above, it won't be by much.

If you need an exact quote beforehand, please contact us.

I'm a designer with logos to sell. Can I upload them to Biz-Logo?

Yes and no. Yes, we can sell your logos. No, not at You can upload them at our web site. has always been our showcase for our own work and we'd like to keep it that way for the foreseeable future. was built from the ground up to accommodate freelance designers. All logos at are for sale, so it's focussed on selling and the best place to find buyers for your logos.


PRE-DESIGNED LOGOS - Know what you're paying for!


We are aware of design firms that sell "template logos" where the same logo is sold to many different companies. In other words, they do not give you exclusive ownership. By contrast, the pre-designed logos on this site are unique, original and each one is sold only once. If you buy your logo from somewhere else, please make sure that you receive exclusive ownership to the logo as well as the exclusive copyright. Settle for anything less and you risk running into a trademark dispute down the line.



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