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Welcome to our consulting logos section. We do not (yet) have a dedicated category for consulting logos/consultant logos. The logos listed here represent the results of a logo database search for "consulting logos". All of these logos can also be found via the main logo categories. For consulting logos we often use abstract logos or letter logos. Consulting logos of course also reflect the consultant's area of expertise. Be sure to also search our logos for consulting logos related to your specific industry.


Logo 55
Frame Logo
Logo 2865
Courier Logo
Logo 3191
Steps Logo
Logo 3775
Cubes Logo
Logo 3785
Blue Box Logo
Logo 5540
Law Chat Logo
Logo 6146
P Maze Logo
Logo 6239
E Monogram
Logo 6585
G Talk Logo
Logo 6636
Chess Logo 2

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Consulting Logos

A common mistake when choosing a logo is to attempt to illustrate what the business does. Successful logos (Nike, Google, Apple) represent an idea or value or attitude, rather than trying to explain the company's business. The same holds true for consulting logos of course. Find the thing that sets your consulting firm apart. Representing that thing should be the goal with your consulting logo.


Case Studies

Consultant Wordmark Logo
Consulting Company Logo
Consulting Company Logo2
Arrows Consulting Logo
Consulting Firm Logo
Consulting Logo



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