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This page houses our collection of medical logos - which can work as logos for drug stores, clinics, hospitals etc. If you spot a medical logo here that is close but not exactly what you want, we will work with you to make small edits until it's perfect. Click on the logo for details. If you specifically want a medical logo but cannot find the perfect one for your company on this page, consider ordering a custom medical logo. Custom medical logos are more expensive, but your logo will be built from the ground up to match your requirements. For tips on what to look for in a medical logo design, scroll down to our "About Medical Logos" section further down this page.

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Caduceus Logo
Logo 7616
Brain Logo 2
Logo 7622
Neurons Logo
Logo 7630
Medical Logo 2
Logo 7400
Neurology Logo

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About Medical Logos

Medical logos often make use of standard medical symbols like the caduceus, medical cross, or a typical EKG/ECG graph. The benefit of using these symbols lies in the fact that they place the logo and the company it represents firmly within the medical industry, making clear to all the nature of the company's business.

The drawback of using standardized medical images in medical logos is that inevitably there will be other logos that use the same images, making it harder to distinguish your medical company from the rest.

As a general guideline medical logos can use standard medical images, but these should always be either customized or used in combination with other unique logo elements in order to clearly differentiate the company.


Colors in Medical Logos

There are of course no rules when it comes to colors, but most medical logos use a combination of either red and blue or red and green. The reds used are typically darker rather than bright reds and the greens/blues often tend towards teal.

As with standard medical industry symbols, using "normal" or "expected" colors can be a plus, but breaking away from those color norms immediately differentiates your medical logo.


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