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A New Look for Biz-Logo!

It was long overdue. We rebuilt the entire Biz-Logo site from the ground up, making sure every page is as clean and as useful as possible. We hope you like it!

As with any rebuild of this magnitude, bugs are to be expected. If you find one or if you have feedback about the new Biz-Logo, please take a moment to share.

Andre le Roux


2016 Wrap-Up

A comparitively slow year in terms of site development, but a busy year in terms of logo output as we approach 7,000 ready-made logos offered for sale. The large number of logos has started to force our focus towards quality. To ensure Biz-Logo stays a useful resource for logo shoppers we have started testing ways to filter the logos so that the best ones are easier to find. Look for developments in this area in the coming year.

A big thank you as always to our base of loyal clients. We value your continued support and we look forward to serving you in 2017!

Andre le Roux


2015 Wrap-Up

An interesting year comes to a close, with Biz-Logo and its parent company expanding in unexpected directions.

As for logos, we have built our company on the belief that treating clients fairly is the route to lasting success. With online competition increasing all the time, Biz-Logo depends more and more on its track record, on returning clients and on word of mouth. I'm happy to report that it's working brilliantly! Biz-Logo remains our company's #1 earner by far, despite (or because of) offering professional quality logos at giveaway prices.

A big thank you to Biz-Logo staff for your continued work and commitment to excellence, and of course thank you to our clients for your wonderful support. We look forward to serving you in 2016!

Andre le Roux


Quality Measured

We believe that the continued growth of Biz-Logo is evidence of the high quality logos our team produces.

That said, in 2014 we decided to put our logos to the test. We registered at LogoLounge, a web site that collects the best logos from around the world and publishes them in a (roughly) annual compilation of the 2,000 best logos, selected by an international panel of judges.

We are very proud to announce that three of our designs were selected for LogoLounge Book 9:



Keep an eye out for the book in early 2016 on the LogoLounge web site.

Andre le Roux


2014 Wrap-Up

The past year was a very productive one for us, with many improvements introduced at Biz-Logo and its affiliated sites.

In terms of expansion, 2014 was an exceptional year. We have broadened our scope of services, added almost 1,300 brilliant new logos to our collection and made massive investments in web sites that link closely with Biz-Logo.

I should also mention turnaround times. Long-time clients will testify that slow turnarounds has been Biz-Logo's greatest weakness in the past. I am very happy to report that our efforts in this area are paying off. Turnaround times have increased dramatically over the last 18 months or so, to the point where we now routinely exceed our advertised turnaround times. My sincere thanks to the design team for their superb efforts in this regard.

And of course a big thank you to all our clients for your wonderful support. We look forward to serving you in 2015!

Andre le Roux


We are moving. Again.

This time, thankfully, it is a much smaller move. We will still be in Bland street, but in larger offices in the Prince Vincent Building, only a few blocks up the street. If you are in our part of the world, our doors are open and the coffee is on us!

Our telephone numbers will not change, but our lines may be down for the first few days in June. You can of course still email us. Our web sites and in particular the client area will not be affected by this move, so all design work will proceed on schedule.

Andre le Roux


Thank You!

We've had an eventful 2013! We relocated to a new city and unfortunately had to say goodbye to extremely valuable members of our team. It is always hard to let good people go - and just as hard to find new, good people to fill those shoes. So it gives me great pleasure to announce that we again have a fantastic team. If you've worked with Biz-Logo this year you'll know why I'm excited!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to especially thank our growing list of return customers. I have always measured our overall performance on the percentage of return business we receive relative to new business and based on that measurement, 2013 has been a raging success. It's a thrill when clients give us a "thumbs-up" by coming back for more. Thank you! We promise to continue to exceed your expectations!

Wishing you a prosperous 2014,

Andre le Roux


Successful Relocation

We have successfully completed our relocation from Pretoria to Mossel Bay. The new Mossel Bay office is now our head office. The Pretoria branch will remain operational for now and will handle support and administrative functions.

Many thanks for your patience during this time.

Andre le Roux


Scheduled Downtime

After 11 years operating from Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, we've taken the decision to relocate our headquarters and design studio. The Pretoria branch will continue to handle administrative and support functions in the interim, while management and design functions will transfer to our new Mossel Bay branch.

Although our brick and mortar design business in Pretoria enjoyed moderate success, selling design services online to a worldwide audience has always been our specialty and focus. For that we do not need to be in a large business hub like Pretoria. We could do it from anywhere in the world. We decided to pick the nicest place on the planet. Hawaii was a contender, but the logistics of an international move puts Hawaii beyond our reach for now. Fortunately we found a gem in our "back yard". Mossel Bay on the South Coast of South Africa was an obvious choice. Located in the "Garden Route" area of South Africa, the climate is perfect year-round and the scenery is simply spectacular... but we're really more excited about the Southern right whales that frequent the shores.

The move will take place from March 27 to April 3, 2013. During this time Biz-Logo will function as normal. Orders will be processed and our support staff will be ready to assist with your questions. Only our design team will be unavailable.

We appreciate your patience during this time.

Andre le Roux


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