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When you compare logo samples from different logo design firms, please be aware that inexperienced designers often show sample logos that are only concept designs and not actual logos designed for paying customers. It might not seem important, but those concept logo samples do not provide proof that the designer is able to design something that speaks to the intended target audience. When working with a "real customer", a designer also faces technical challenges, such as making sure the logo can be used on the company's red delivery van etc. Experience matters! The sample logos shown on this page and on our logo examples page are all "real" logos that Biz-Logo designed for "real" companies.

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These sample logos are all originals.

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These are all originals.
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Church Logo SamplesChurch logo samples:

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Or click here: Church Logos

The sample logos shown here are some of our recent religious and church logos.

While most Christian church logos include the cross (which is good because it identifies the church as Christian) we normally also recommend adding something that will identify the church as a specific congregation.

For more church logo samples, have a look at our pre-designed church logos. If you're looking to order a new logo for your church, that's also a good place to start.

For more samples of church logos, please have a look at our sample logos on the logo examples page.

Construction Logo SamplesConstruction logo samples:

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Or click here: Construction Logos

The construction logos shown here represent some of our design output over the last two or three months. Apart from these there are several in our pre-designed logo section and on our examples pages.

To get started with your own construction logo, please have a look through our pre-designed construction logos first. Your perfect logo might already be in there... and if it is, a pre-designed logo will save you time and money. You should also have a look at the pre-designed real estate logos as many of those designs could work for either real estate or construction.

If you can't find the right pre-designed logo, consider getting a custom logo instead. They cost more, but with a custom logo you get several designs to choose from, all designed according to your instructions.

Hospital Logo SamplesHospital logo samples:

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Or click here: Hospital Logos

Our samples of hospital logos include some designs for other medical institutions such as clinics or home care organizations. You should also have a look at our medical logo samples further down this page.

For more logo ideas, have a look at our logo examples.

Whether you are looking for examples or looking to order a logo, you should also browse through our medical logos category in the pre-designed logos section.

Medical Logo SamplesMedical logo samples:

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Or click here: Medical Logos

Our medical logo samples include logos for doctors, clinics, medical staffing companies etc. Also have a look at the hospital logos above, our pre-designed medical logos and our logo examples.

If you don't find something you like among our logo samples or our pre-designed logos, you should also consider getting a custom logo.

Business Logo DesignBusiness logo design samples:

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Or click here: Business Logo Design

Here is a collection of different logo designs from different industries. In business logo design the challenge is coming up with something that is both simple and unique.

When you are ready to start on your business logo design, first have a look through our pre-designed or "shelf" logos. The business logo designs shown in that section are all 100% unique and each design is sold only once. It's a low-cost, fast logo design option.

If you can't find the perfect logo in our pre-designed logos section, consider getting a custom logo instead. The advantage of getting a custom logo is that you can tell our in-house designers exactly what you want. They will come back to you with a couple of logo design options and work with you to refine the logo. The logo is only finalized when you approve one of the concept designs.

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