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Whether residential or commercial real estate logos, we follow the same basic approach: We believe that a logo is a unique identifier for your real estate business. With the real estate market being a pretty crowded, competitive place, the importance of a strong, unique identifier that will truly rise above the noise cannot be over-stated, whether it is used on a letterhead or yard sign - or anywhere else. With this in mind we take quality control very seriously. Not only is every one of our logos unique, but each and every logo has to be approved by our company director before being uploaded to this web site. It's a strategy that ensures that our realtor clients get the best possible product at's very affordable rates.

Logo 7253
Real Estate Maze Logo
Logo 7241
Castle Real Estate Logo
Logo 7247
Real Estate Bar Chart Logo
Logo 7256
Sunrise Real Estate Logo 2

Logo 7237
Rainbow Real Estate Logo
Logo 7245
Real Estate Analysis Logo
Logo 7020
Real Estate Agent Logo
Logo 7033
Realty Compass Logo Design

Logo 7031
Real Estate Crest Logo 2
Logo 7012
Christian Fish Real Estate Logo
Logo 7034
Star Realty Logo Design
Logo 6388
Shooting Star Real Estate Logo

Logo 6394
American Flag Real Estate Logo
Logo 6383
USA Real Estate Logo
Logo 6034
Super Realtor Logo
Logo 6035
Diverse Real Estate Logo

Logo 6027
Open Door Realtor Logo
Logo 6015
Precision Real Estate Logo
Logo 5605
Real Estate Logo
Logo 5609
Green Roof Real Estate Logo

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Exclusive Logos Only!

Our residential and commercial real estate logos are created in-house and are exclusive to Each logo is sold only once.

Each logo shown here was (1) designed by a professional, in-house Biz-Logo designer, (2) designed from scratch and (3) will be sold only once. Each logo comes with full copyright transfer. If your perfect logo is not on this page, the Biz-Logo team can still help. Here are our custom logo design packages. When we design your custom logo we will develop it from the ground up, to your specifications. You should also have a look at the Real Estate Logo Design web site for more real estate related logos.


Logo Changes and Customization

When you purchase a real estate logo (or any logo on the site) you don't have to take it "as-is". We will work with you to fine-tune colors, text, layout, fonts etc. until you have your perfect real estate logo. We only finalize your logo when you are 100% satisfied.

Check out the pre-designed logo process in action!


A Solid Guarantee

Full, 30 day, unconditional money-back guarantee on all our logos. If the real estate logo you choose does not turn out perfect, we will refund your money. Every penny. No questions asked. More details here.


Testimonials from Happy Clients

I know we are just finishing up my logo, but I want to mention how impressed I am with the service I have received from you. If you would, please show this e-mail to your supervisors. You have been so very helpful and I think my new logo is terrific. I really enjoyed working with you and I most sincerely thank you. Please take good care."



Real Estate Logo Case Studies

bulletReal Estate Service Logo
bulletReal Estate Solutions Logo
bulletReal Estate Appraisals Logo
bulletReal Estate Company Logo
bulletReal Estate Development Logo
bulletReal Estate Investments Logo
bulletReal Estate Logo Design
bulletReal Estate Management Logo
bulletReal Estate Professional Logo

These represent a few of our recent real estate logo projects. Let us build your perfect real estate logo for you!


A Challenge with Real Estate Logos

There is a unique challenge when it comes to real estate logos: Most real estate companies want a roof in the design. With thousands of logo designers the world over churning out roof logos, it is inevitable that your roof logo will look uncomfortably similar to 20 others. The same is true for commercial real estate logos where a city skyline is almost always included in the logo design.

Fortunately there are several remedies.

The easiest route to a unique real estate logo is to not use a roof, or a house, or a building, or a city skyline. If you can cut all of those out of your logo, you will already differentiate your real estate company from 95% of the competition.

If you do need a roof in your real estate logo then we will have to combine it with something else. A roof and a magnifying glass (home inspection), a roof and a graph (investment), a roof and... and so on. If you want only a roof, it's going to have to be one heck of a unique roof, or you'll end up violating someone's copyright.

Probably one of the best solutions is to tie your logo down geographically. If you have an outline of the Rocky Mountains in the background or a Chicago skyline, that not only identifies your area of business but also gives you a great way to differentiate your logos from those of the competition.

If you have a very specific idea, consider getting a custom real estate logo. One of our experienced designers will work with you to take your idea from concept to a great, practical and unique final logo.


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How Pre-Designed Logos Work

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