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Pre-designed Logos (Readymade Logos)

ONLY $145

Pick one from thousands of unique pre-designed logos. Occasionally we will mark a logo down to $95, but the vast majority of them are $145. That includes exclusive ownership, customization etc.

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Custom Logos

Budget Package $149 (Custom Logo Design)

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Silver Package $299 (Custom Logo Design)

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Gold Package $399 (Custom Logo Design)

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Platinum Package $899 (Custom Logo Design)

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Logo Repair etc.

Logo Hospital
If you already have a logo but the quality is poor, or if you designed it yourself and you just need it cleaned up, you could pay as little as $50. Send us what you have and we'll send you a quote within 1 business day.

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Do you have very specific needs? Not sure if we can help you? Not sure which package is right for you? Tell us what you have in mind. We'll tell you what it will cost.

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Stationery (Business Cards etc.)

Business Card Design $79 (volume discount available)
Letterhead Design $79 (volume discount available)
Envelope Design $79 (volume discount available)
Compliment Slip Design $79 (volume discount available)
Solcial Media Design $79 (icons, background etc.)
Brocure design ±$240 - depending on the complexity and scope. Please request a quote for an exact price.

Other stationery design, including yard signs, stickers, billboards etc. Usually $79, depending on the project details. Please request a quote for an exact price.



Note about very cheap logos

You can buy a logo for as little as $4 on the Internet.

You wouldn't want to, but you could.

With logos, as with most things, you get what you pay for. What do you get for $4? A logo that is not in print-ready format and that is resold to many companies. Think of the trademark issues that will cause a few years down the line!

$4 isn't much to risk, but if you use a $4 logo a while, you might build brand recognition worth thousands - perhaps even millions. Now imagine having to start that process from scratch 3 years down the line because someone else registered your logo as a trademark. It just isn't worth it.

Anyone can "design a logo". There are "online logo design firms" that are run by teenagers - from their bedrooms. Your teenage designer may be talented and she will be a good designer one day, but designing a business logo that looks good in print and on the web and that captures the imagination of the target audience takes more than talent. It takes experience and a good understanding of the science of selling.

When you shop around for logos, don't look only at the price. Look at examples of their work. Ask for the contact details of previous clients and fire off a few emails to those folks. It will save you money in the long run. If they have few or no examples, or if they are unwilling to give out contact details of previous clients, best to move on.

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