Designers: Sell logos online

We receive many emails from logo designers wanting to sell their pre-designed logos online at

We sell only our in-house pre-designed logos on this web site, but we have created a separate web site where any designer can sell pre-designed logos. We call it LogoGround. Check it out.

There are similar services out there where designers can sell pre-designed logos, but we've tried some of them ourselves and realized that logo designers needed something much, much better. Most of these pre-designed logo sites pocket about half of the profit from the sale, which seems unfair. The logo designer is doing most of the work. The logo designer should get most of the money.

So we created LogoGround as an honest "by designers for designers" web site where anyone can sell their pre-designed logos - and be treated fairly!

We hope you'll join us there.


Reselling Our Logos

We have many, many resellers. A reseller is typically a designer who buys logo designs from us and sells them on to their clients.

We do not offer a dedicated reseller program with discounted rates.

When you place an order as a reseller, simply mention that on the order form. Also mention that you want the logo removed from our site completely (as opposed to marked as "Sold") and that you want it excluded from our portfolio.


More Places to Sell Logos has a list of the best places to sell logos.

For a more complete list see the logo design directory.