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In construction logos we generally aim for a simple but strong logo type, with emphasis on the name and distinctive colors. In this sense these logos are similar to the ones in our real estate category. Be careful of very generic designs. Logos with a simple roof or house outline are arguably too common to be effective. In our designs we aim to create logos that stand out, even while using fairly generic imagery.

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About Construction Logos

Construction logos often make use of standard real estate images such as houses, roofs, buildings and skylines. While these standard images help place your logo in the construction industry it might be a good idea to avoid standard images in favor of a construction logo that rises above the noise.

The problem with traditional real estate images used in most construction logos today is that (1) it does not differentiate the construction business from the real estate agent and (2) it does not differentiate the construction business from thousands of other construction businesses.

The goal in construction logo design - and in logo design in general - is to come up with a logo that is different from the standard "house-logo" designs that most other construction companies use, but at the same time the logo should still identify the company as a construction company. One of the simplest ways of achieving this is by combining the traditional real estate image (house, roof, building etc.) with something unexpected. It could be anything, but should preferably be something that is very unique to the construction company. For example, creating a construction cartoon character as a company mascot can be a great way of helping your construction business stand out from the crowd.

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