Exclusive Ownership

When you order a logo design from Biz-Logo.com, you always receive exclusive ownership. That logo is yours. You own it and the copyright to it. You can use it, sell it, change it or do with it as you please. Because we transfer the copyright to the buyer, we can't sell the same logo more than once.

Unique and Original

Every one of our logos (pre-designed logos as well) are designed in-house and from scratch by Biz-Logo.com designers. We never use clip art. We never copy designs. We never resell logos.

When you order a logo from us, you can be sure that you will be able to head to the trademark office afterwards and have the design registered as a new trademark. In fact, we recommend you do exactly that. Registering your logo as a trademark offers the best protection of your new brand.

Copyright Transfer

The final design that you select as your logo not only becomes your property, but you also hold exclusive copyright to it. The only right we retain is the right to display it in our portfolio of past work. We will, upon request, send you a document to confirm that you are the copyright holder of the design.

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