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All the logos on Biz-Logo.com are exclusive. Each logo is sold only once. If you are shopping around for church logos, please make sure that the logo design firm you select offers exclusive rights to the final logo. If they do not explicitly state this then it would be safer to assume that their logos are resold. If you see a church logo that you like but want little things changed like the color, the case of the font etc., click on it to see what changes we will make to that logo at no extra charge. In these logos, "Church Name" and the tag line can be replaced by whatever you want in that space. We can also leave it blank. Your call. See our church logos tips further down. If you cannot find a logo you like here, consider ordering a custom church logo. Of course a custom church logo will cost a little more, but the extra money buys you a logo designed from the ground up, to your specifications, specifically for your church. We will keep revising your custom church logo until you are 100% happy with it. For examples of our work, please check out our samples of church logos.

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How this works

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In a nutshell

All logos are original and each one is sold only once. A readymade logo should ideally be viewed as a starting point. When you place your order you will have the opportunity to specify what you would like to change. Apart from major changes to the image itself almost all changes are included in the price of the logo: For example, adding your church name below or next to the logo, changing the colors and so on. One of our designers will work with you to make sure that your church has a logo it can be proud of. The design is only finalized when you tell us to finalize it!

Other options

Also see our examples of church logos page for some examples of church logos we have successfully completed. If you've looked through the logos on this page and cannot find one that matches what you have in mind for your church, you might want to look at our custom church logo options. Custom logos obviously cost a little more than these readymade church logos, but then you get a logo that's exactly the way you want it rather than one that's "close enough" to what you want.


"Thank you for your prompt and professional work. I've looked at a lot of 'church logo' web sites and what you offer is in a league of its own."

Pastor Brett Champion,
Grace Covenant Church



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For more examples of our logo work, look through our previously sold church logos. or see our readymade logo index.


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What to look for in church logos

Most Christian churches opt for the cross plus some custom elements, such as a globe, swoosh, the open Bible etc. That's all great, but it's important to remember that your church logo - like any logo - should stand out! The logo is important to your church identity and as such it needs to be clearly different from other church logos. One way to achieve this is by combining traditional defining elements (like the cross) with elements that are specific to your congregation, town or area. That way you have a logo that not only identifies you as a church but that also resonates with the people it is intended for.



Proper disclosure

Biz-Logo is a Christian company, operated on Christian principles. As such we prefer to not create logos for churches or organizations who's message and/or views contradict or oppose that of Christianity. We reserve the right to cancel your order and issue a full refund if we do not feel comfortable working with your organization. After all, you want a logo designer who's heart is in it, right?