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People and Cartoon Logos

Below is our collection of people and cartoon logos. If you see a logo that you like but want little things changed like the color etc., click on it. On the next page that loads we list the changes we will make to that logo at no extra charge. Need a custom people logo developed? Here are our custom logo options. Custom logos cost a little more and they obviously take longer to complete, but the extra money and time that you invest gets you a logo that's tailor-made for your business. If you specifically want a custom cartoon logo, you'll need to either go with our Platinum Package or check out the cartoon logos on our sister site

Note that logos that include cartoon characters are generally more expensive than other types of ready-made and custom logos. The reason is simply that developing a cartoon logo is normally far more time-consuming. The designer not only has to come up with a unique and attractive image, but with a character that has... well, character. If you have this kind of cartoon logo done by a big design house, you get exactly what you get here, but you can expect to pay 10 times what we charge.

Logo 7695
WiFi Man Logo
Logo 7691
Pointing Man Logo
Logo 7686
People Info Logo
Logo 7683
Linear Man Logo

Logo 7690
Dots Human Logo
Logo 7672
Handyman Logo
Logo 6657
Concentric Circle Man Logo
Logo 6652
Nature Man Logo

Logo 6658
People Finder Logo
Logo 6653
Monoline Man Logo
Logo 6654
Mobile Man Logo
Logo 5927
Mosaic Man Logo

Logo 5932
Cartoon Hand Logo
Logo 5923
Flower Man Logo 2
Logo 5921
Chat Man Logo
Logo 5925
Sound Man Logo

Logo 5920
IT Man Logo
Logo 5931
Map Man Logo
Logo 5918
Sun Man Logo
Logo 5914
Man and Ring Logo

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"I want to thank you again for the flexibility that you and your team demonstrated.
You put out a great product. I can't wait to receive our logo files and see this on
our branded collateral and website. The corporate and PR launch
is in May. Again, thank you."

Kevin Severson, Darwinian Method, Inc.


About Cartoon Logos

A year or two ago a search for cartoon logos on Google would produce only a handful of good cartoon logo designers. If you do that same search today you are presented with a never ending list of cartoon logo designers. But... whadayaknow, still only a handful of good ones. The list just got longer, but doing cartoon logos right requires specialized skills that most cartoon logo design companies seem to lack.

So here's a Biz-Logo top tip :-)
Don't buy a cartoon logo until you've had a look at CartoonBall.

Ok, we like CartoonBall and the Cartoon Logo Design site because they fall under the same parent company as Biz-Logo, but if you have a look at the cartoon logo process and the examples on CartoonBall you might just be persuaded that there is more to CartoonBall than any other cartoon logo site.

About People Logos

People logos like the ones above are generally a lot easier to create than cartoon logos - hence they also tend to cost a lot less. The fact that they are easier to create unfortunately also means there are many "design firms" peddling people logos.

Make sure that the design firm that you buy from provides the logo in vector format and make sure that they will transfer the copyright to you - or get your custom people logo from Biz-Logo and avoid those pitfalls :-)

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