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Our collection of "freeform" logo designs. Remember, with abstract logos imagination is the only limit - if you can dream it, we can draw it. If you cannot find your perfect logo in this section, consider browsing the square, circular and "swoosh" logo design categories or if you want a very specific abstract logo consider ordering a custom logo design. With our custom logo packages we can build your perfect abstract logo and work with you to refine the logo until you are completely satisfied.

Logo 7008
Air Power Logo
Logo 4761
Coffee Logo
Logo 8278
Stopwatch Logo
Logo 6638
Bridge Logo
Logo 6998
Gear Logo
Logo 4735
Retro Logo
Logo 6607
Team Logo 2
Logo 6986
Star IT Logo
Logo 6994
Gear Drop Logo
Logo 6623
Logo 6628
DP Logo
Logo 6992
Hut Logo
Logo 6606
Trio Logo
Logo 6611
Roadway Logo
Logo 6636
Chess Logo 2

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Our "freeform" and abstract logos shown here are all Biz-Logo.com originals, created in-house by our own, full-time logo designers.


We don't simply replace "Company Name" with your company name and drop it in your inbox. We go much further. When you order one of our freeform/abstract logos shown on this page, you can specify your company name, other text to be included, colors and layout preferences. One of our in-house designers will send you a preview, suggest alternatives and work with you to fine-tune your logo. We only finalize it when you tell us to. There is no extra charge for all of this. It's included in the price.

Logo Formats

To ensure that you will be able to use your logo for anything and on everything, we send the final logo files in a range of formats. As standard we send CDR, PDF, PNG, JPG and GIF, but you can also request your logo in AI, PSD, EPS, TIFF or SVG format - or any other image format. No charge for additional formats, except the ICO format which we produce separately.


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A note about abstract logos

Probably the greatest benefit of abstract logos is that they do not tie your company to a particular product, service or industry. With an abstract logo you are free to take your company in any new direction, at any time, and you don't have to change your logo. All the brand equity that you built up is retained.

Even though an abstract logo does not necessarily depict anything recognizable, it is still important to consider the message it conveys. An abstract logo design can still be funky, conservative, elegant, playful, modern etc. Consider what your target audience would prefer before selecting your logo.

For more information on abstract logos please see our article on abstract logos


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