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All our logos are designed in-house and each one sold only once. Globes are of course popular with companies that offer their services to a global market and as such are perfect for most Internet companies and companies that market products and services via the Internet. If you look through our logos above and you can't find one that is perfectly suited to your company, have a look at our custom logo packages. If you see a logo that's almost perfect, remember that changes to colors and fonts (and most small changes to the globe image itself) are free. The top 3 characteristics of a great logo are: originality, simplicity and memorability. In that order, in our opinion. To achieve that can be quite a challenge. Think about this: If it's simple, it's probably been done before, many times, so it's not original anymore. To make a simple logo that is also original takes some doing, but doing any less is just not good enough for an image that is to become a company identity. To ensure the quality of our logos, each one of them is individually approved by our company director before the are posted on the site.

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Our earth/sphere/globe logos shown here (and all logos on Biz-Logo.com) are exclusive to Biz-Logo.com, created in-house, from scratch. When a logo sells we mark it as sold on the site and eventually remove it as we add new logos. Once it's sold, no-one else can buy the same logo. Ever. If you contact us asking to buy one of the sold logos on this site, the answer will be "No". Try us!


When you buy one of our globe logos or any of our other pre-designed logos, you can specify your company name, any other text you want included, your colors and any layout preferences. We won't finalize the logo straight away. We will first send you a preview and work with you to make alterations and improvements until it's perfect. Only then is it sent to you in web-ready and print-ready formats. All of this is included in the price.

Money-back guarantee

We offer a full, 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. If you don't leave here with your perfect logo then we think you should leave here with your money so that you can try another logo design firm. The vast majority of our clients leave here with their perfect logo :) More details here.


"It is so refreshing to do business with a company that knows and provides true customer service! Your company exemplifies the standard by which all business should be conducted. We couldn't be happier with our professional logo and with the promptness of your responses to our emails as well as the delivery of our logo. It was truly a pleasure to do business with you and your staff."



A heads-up about globe logos

There are many, many globe logos out there, but very few are truly memorable. A plain globe might look really neat as your logo, but I've seen so many globe pictures before that I'm not likely to notice - let alone remember - yours. Adding a swoosh around it won't make it much better. There are enough globe-and-swoosh logos out there to circle the globe.

One solution is to tie your logo to something that is "non-globe". For example: Combining it with a flower, a hand print, a cross... you get the idea. Now you not only hint at what you do, but you also lift your logo from generic to something that we will notice! When shopping for logos on our site or any other, pick the most different, most memorable logo you can find.


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