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Education logos often include images of people, block and books. With the majority of education logos and training logos the aim is to turn the concept of "help" into a brand - for example, two people with one helping the other climb or simply two people holding hands. Look through our collection of education logos below and also have a look at our people logos. Alternatively, consider ordering a custom logo design from Biz-Logo.com.

Logo 7465
Pilates Logo
Logo 5755
Fitness Logo
Logo 7481
Gym IT Logo
Logo 7475
Gym Crest Logo
Logo 5749
Weights Logo 2
Logo 7473
Gym Star Logo
Logo 5757
Jogger Logo
Logo 5751
Sprinting Logo
Logo 5756
Cloud Gym Logo
Logo 7471
Pilates Logo 2
Logo 5758
Athletics Logo
Logo 5760
Active Logo
Logo 7461
Fitness Logo 2
Logo 5047
Weights Logo
Logo 5052
Line Man Logo
Logo 5049
Gym Group Logo
Logo 5045
Sport Logo
Logo 5046
Dance Logo
Logo 5043
Sportsman Logo
Logo 1174
Running Logo
Logo 1177
Green Gym Logo
Logo 1179
Exercise Logo
Logo 1180
Sports Logo
Logo 1190
Man Leaf Logo
Logo 1192
Sports Logo 2
Logo 1195
Arms Up Logo
Logo 1197
Yoga Logo
Logo 2481
Runner Logo
Logo 2482
Gym Logo
Logo 2483
Jump Logo

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Color In Fitness Logos

Color selection is of great importance in any logo design - and it's no different when it comes to fitness logos and gym logos. One important consideration that is specific to fitness logos and gym logos is that the color should be lively! In terms of color, gym and fitness logos are much closer to kid's logos than to lawyer's logos. We take great care in selecting colors, but if you see your perfect fitness logo here in the wrong colors, that's something we'll change for you - and it is included in the price. There is no additional design fee for alterations.


What Makes a Great Gym Logo?

Fun! Most of your gym customers think of going to the gym as hard work. I do! Sure there are many who love to work hard in the gym, but a significant percentage of your customers are there only for the waistline, not because they want to be there.

Your gym, approach and setup should focus on creating an environment that's a fun place to be - and ideally you want a logo that sells that experience before they walk in the door.

Most of these logos can of course also be used as training logos, exercise logos or sports logos. Be sure to also visit the people logos category where you are likely to find related designs. If you browse through these fitness logos and see one that might be perfect with some adjustments, click on the logo itself to see what changes we would make for free. If your perfect gym logo or fitness logo is not on this page, you might find more fitness logos and gym logos in our sports logos section - or consider ordering a custom fitness logo instead. Whether you select a custom or a pre-designed fitness logo, Biz-Logo offers unlimited alterations. We will work with you to make sure your fitness logo or gym logo is exactly like you want it. That's our promise - and there's no extra charge for alterations.


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