There is a pre-designed logo that I like, but can you change ___?


Yes, we can change the colors. No extra charge. Simply mention your colors when you order! You can also ask to see the logo in different color combos. Your Biz-Logo designer will work with you to fine-tune your logo until perfect. All of this is included in the price.

Fonts and Text

Yes, we can change the fonts/text. No extra charge. If there is a specific font that you would like us to use, mention the name of the font when you fill out the order form.


Yes, we can change the layout. No extra charge. Our designers typically test different layouts (text next to the logo, text underneath, text wrapped around etc.) and send you a preview for your approval. If you want a specific layout that's fine too. Mention it when you order.

The design itself

Yes, we can change the design itself, but there could be an additional charge (usually $50 depending on what you need). Removing something from the logo is easy to do and we normally don't charge extra for that. Adding something to the logo requires custom design work so that costs extra. If you want to be sure before you order, please contact us and mention the logo number and the changes you have in mind. We will let you know what the extra cost will be, if any

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