How do I insert my logo into a Word document?

Resizing bitmap images is not recommended. Bitmap formats include JPG, GIF, PNG etc. Each time you resize a bitmap image, its quality is reduced. Vector images (CDR, EPS etc.) on the other hand can be resized.

If you want to resize the image to insert it into Word (or another word processing application), you should use the "logo-big.jpg" file that we sent. That's a 300dpi image so it should produce a decent quality print. To insert that logo into a Word document, click Insert, select Image from the dropdown menu and select From File. Then browse to your logo files, select logo-big.jpg and click ok. The image will now probably be much bigger in your document than you want it to be. Use one of the corner handles on the image to resize it to the correct size - right there in Word. That way when you print it you will still get a good quality, crisp logo image.

The process for inserting a logo into Powerpoint is almost the same, but if you need it to work on a colored background, use the "logo.png" file instead.

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