Can more than one person provide feedback on the designs you send?

Yes, sure, we don't mind...


If you want to use a panel to provide feedback, we ask that you nominate a spokesperson to communicate with the designer. If we have several people in your organization sending conflicting instructions to our poor designers, nobody wins.

Some advice on this topic:

If you're a one-person startup:
You are the person who's going to make the call at the end of the day, but get as many opinions as you can. Your wife/husband, parents, kids, friends, associates, neighbors... any one of these could come up with an idea or consideration that you overlooked. You want this logo to be your business signature for years to come, so take the time. Show it around and get it right the first time.

Large organizations:
The panel should consist of the owner/manager, the marketing director and one in-house designer, at most. Involve more people and you may find you spend too much time on personal taste issues and not enough time on getting a brand that works for your business. Nominate one person on the panel to relay feedback to Biz-Logo.

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