How much to change the name in my logo?

If you ordered a logo and your logo hasn't been finalized yet, it's free. Simply tell the designer working on your logo what text you want added/changed.

It's also OK to change your mind during the design phase.

If you purchased the logo from us and it has been finalized, a logo name change (or any other minor edit) should not set you back more than $50. That $50 not only pays for the change, but also for the previews, subsequent alterations (if needed) and preparation of all the different formats for print, web use etc. We only finalize the design when you give the thumbs-up!
If we did not design your original logo, you need to send us what you have so that we can take a look before committing to a price.


Whether or not we designed your logo, feel free to get it touch and tell us what changes you have in mind. You are welcome to send us images to help explain what you need done. Chances are that $50 will cover the changes, but the price ultimately depends on the complexity of the work. We will take a look at your requirements and respond with a quotation within 1 business day.

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