How do I get a smaller version of my logo?

Resizing raster images is not recommended. Raster formats include JPG, GIF, PNG etc. Each time you resize a raster image, its quality is reduced. Vector images (CDR, EPS etc.) on the other hand can be resized.

If you purchased your logo from

You receive unlimited formats and sizes, free of charge, so please let us know what format and size you need the logo in and we will send it over.

If you did not buy your logo from

We can still help you with professionally resizing your logo, but unfortunately not for free. Please send us your logo and tell us what size you need it in. We will have a look and let you know what it will cost. We won't start the design process until you give us the thumbs-up on the price.

Have a look at our logo repair options for more details.


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