How long will the logo design process take? What's your turnaround time?

Once we receive your order, we have 2 business days to deliver the first batch of concept logos.

That's for our custom logo packages. For pre-designed logos it's 1 business day.

Shop around. So far we haven't been able to find a logo design firm that's faster than us.

Those time limits also apply to all subsequent design work. In other words, each time you request more designs or request changes to one of the logos, we have 2 business days (for custom logos) to make the changes and get it back to you. With pre-designed logos we usually make small changes within 24 hours.

We should mention here: Quality comes first, so our turnaround times are not guaranteed. In our studio we have quiet days and we have crazy days. We will take the extra time, where needed, to ensure that we make each logo as good as we can make it before we send it out. If you have a pressing deadline, please mention that when you order. We will do our very best to deliver within your timeframe.

On average it takes us about 2 weeks to finalize a logo (1 week for pre-designed logos) - but that depends on you as much as it does on us. The speed with which you give feedback on the logo designs submitted to you, the number of times you request revisions and the level of detail you want in the design all impact the total design time.

As a general guideline, try to not rush this process too much. Quality comes first. Biz-Logo has in-house designers so our turnaround times are already great. There is no need to rush, unless you have a really important deadline. If you need the logo yesterday, you should have a look at our "Rush upgrade".


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