In what formats will the logo be delivered?

Biz-Logo promises that you can use your logo for ANYTHING. If you need it in a format we do not supply as standard, please ask. We will send you the additional formats at no extra charge.

The standard Biz-Logo package includes:

ESP/AI/CDR Editable vector format for professional printing.
PDF Vector format for professional printing.
JPG (300 dpi color) Great for in-house printing, Word docs etc.
JPG (300 dpi black & white) For use on faxes & photocopies.
JPG (300 dpi grayscale) For use in low-cost printing.
PNG (300 dpi transparent) Great in slide shows. Can be used on the web.
GIF (4 different sizes) Specifically formatted and optimized for web use.
PSD Layered PhotoShop format - easy to edit.

Available on request (no extra charge):

BMP Windows bitmap.
TIF Uncompressed TIFF format.
CPT Layered Corel Photopaint format.
SWF Static Flash format.

...and almost any other format you can think of.

We once had a client who wanted a version of the logo for engraving on her workshop tools and another one for use on the side of the company motor home. Biz-Logo provided both formats. And they worked fine! Where necessary, we will correspond directly with your printing or production company to make sure they have the logo in the format they need. Won't cost you a penny - even if it's 10 years after your initial order.

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