Can I buy a logo and own it exclusively?

Yes, you can!

In fact, that is your only option!

We do not resell any of our logos. Each and every logo on Biz-Logo (including our pre-designed logos) come with exclusive rights. We sell each one only once. When you place your order, the designer handling your order will mark the logo as sold on the web site and send you a preview with any changes you requested. Once you give the thumbs up your designer will prepare and send you the final logo files in the correct formats for printing, web use etc.

Logos that show as "Sold" on the site are eventually replaced, as we add new ones.

If you prefer that we remove it immediately as apposed to showing it as "Sold", please mention that in your order form. We have several designers who purchase logos from us for resale or who make purchases on behalf of their clients, so our system is set up to handle expidited logo removals.

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