How do I protect my logo?

When you order a logo from, you can be sure that the logo is an original creation that started life on a blank piece of paper right here in the Biz-Logo design studio.

But what if someone else creates a rip-off of that logo?

What if a very similar logo already exists somewhere in the world?

What if I spend thousands on printing/signage/branding and then have to change my logo because someone else uses almost the same logo?

With thousands of companies being registered daily across the globe, it is virtually impossible for us to keep track of each new logo that comes onto the market. There's of course also the possibility that other designers create rip-offs of our logos and sell them to their clients. So offering any kind of guarantee that your logo or a very similar logo has never been used is impossible, not only for us but for any designer. Our recommendation would be for you to register your logo as a trademark before you start using it. A registered trademark gives you the assurance that your logo is legally yours and that your investment in signage, printing and branding will be secure.

If your trademark registration fails due to the prior existence of a similar design, Biz-Logo will work with you, free of charge, to make the necessary changes to the logo.

We should point out though: As specified in our Terms of Service Agreement, if you ignore our warning and start using the logo before registering it as a trademark, Biz-Logo can not be held liable for any damages.

Take the time to register your logo. It costs very little compared to the cost of scrapping your brand and starting over.

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