Are your designers in-house or freelancers?

Our designers are in-house.
We never use freelance designers in the Biz-Logo design studio.

Benefits of using in-house designers

1. Speed

A logo design studio using in-house designers rather than freelance designers can achieve a much faster turnaround time. What happens with freelance designers is the studio would typically either post the job on their site for freelancers or they would directly contact freelance designers. This makes the logo design studio the middleman. There's an extra stop along the way each time designs are sent to you or feedback is sent back to the designer.

2. Reliability

Biz-Logo's in-house designers arrive at the studio every morning and work in the Biz-Logo studio. Monitoring output is a snap. Shuffling work between designers to balance workloads is no problem. With freelance designers, the design studio can't always get a hold of the designer. If the designs are late, the design firm can't really fix it. All they can do is to keep trying to get a hold of the designer or to start over with a different designer.

3. Accountability

A freelance designer can do a job and disappear. That's fine... unless it is later discovered that the design is a rip-off of an existing design. Then it's a problem. In-house designers on the other hand can be held accountable. As a direct result of this, plagiarism is not a problem with in-house designers, but a very real problem with freelance designers.

4. Quality

In many cases, online logo design studios that use freelancers work with designers they have never met or worked with before. Some design studios even post design jobs on their web sites where any freelancer can compete for the work. Let's think about this. What prevents a teenager in India from becoming a "freelance designer"? She probably knows absolutely nothing about design, Western culture or business... but hey, she can draw a pretty cool star thingy. She probably used the cool star thingy in 20 other logos already, but she can churn out hundreds before these companies start running into each other.

5. Security

Every Biz-Logo designer has to sign a non-disclosure agreement as part of their contract of employment. We often work with large organizations who divulge sensitive company or product info in order to guide the design process. With our in-house designers, it all stays within the walls of the Biz-Logo design studio. Companies that use freelance designers often publish any and all client instructions on their sites for freelance designers (and anyone else) to access.


The generalization in this FAQ is intended to point out the problems that logo design studios typically experience when dealing with freelance designers. There are of course many talented, honest, hard-working freelance designers out there. If you work directly with a good freelance designer there's no problem. The problem comes in when online logo design studios charge normal design fees and then outsource the work to any freelancer willing to work for pennies.

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