Technology Lion Logo

Technology Lion Logo

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Technology Lion Logo
Image file: technology-lion-logo.gif

Our client is from West Bloomfield, MI, United States of America.

The Technology Lion logo is a pre-designed logo from The cost of this logo design is $125.90 (USD).

The cost includes uncountable variations of colors, case and fonts. The main logo design remains static. The final design file is shipped to our clients in vector format (AI, EPS, CDR), raster format (JPG, GIF, PNG) and in black and white (300dpi JPG) for printing and web site use. The cost of all pre-designed logos from also includes a Transfer of Copyright Documents on request.

The Technology Lion logo depicts a lion head. The forefront of the head of the lion is facing the viewer. The mouth of the lion is open. The ears of the lion is slightly drawn backwards, indicating a stance of caution, anticipation. The head of the lion is flanked by two pillars. The pillars meet at the top above the middle line of the lion head. The top ends of the pillars are spiked. The bottom portions of the pillars are thick and sturdy, resting equal with the lower part of the head of the lion. The technology lion logo shows a shadow base at the back of the lion logo design. This graphic image flanks outwards from both sides of the head of the lion. The shadow base is elevated, suggesting three dimensional space. The beard of the lion is hanging down between the base of the A shaped pillars. The technology lion logo is colored various shades of green blue and black. The head of the lion logo reflects different shades of black. The face of the lion logo is white except for the contours of the head, the eyes, the nose. the insides of the ears and the mouth. A black shadow falls on the lower beard of the lion head logo. The two pillars, forming a A shape at the back of the lion head, is colored green. The background shadow is colored light sea green.

The name of the business is designed at the right hand side of the technology lion logo. The text is prominent in design. The text blends in with the measurements of the actual logo design. The name of the business is colored deep blue.

The tag line is placed right at the bottom of the name of the lion logo. The tag line is colored light green. Between the name and the tag line, runs a fine horizontal line.The horizontal line is light sea green.

The name of the fonts is Caflisch Script Pro Regular (Normal)(ENU).

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