Abstract Circular People logo

Abstract Circular People logo

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Abstract Circular People logo
Image file: abstract-circular-people-logo.gif

The Abstract Circular People Logo was selected by our client during 2011 in our pre-designed section at Biz-Logo.com

This design consists of two curves joined together, colored red and black. White swooshes were used in the center to form a figurine.

The price of the logo taken, is $125.00 (USD).

To the right of the main design, lies the name of the company in capital letters. The name of the company is compiled by two words.

The slogan is designed below the name of the company.

The font of the company name and slogan is ARIAL (Normal)(ENU).

Fill – Black
Fill – 40% Black
100% PANTONE 185 C

This logo is not for sale.

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