Licensed Electric Company Logo

Licensed Electric Company Logo

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Licensed Electric Company Logo
Image file: licensed-electric-company-logo.gif

The Licensed Electric Company Logo on view over here, was searched and bought from the Free Form Category on Web site.

The logo image depicts a three prong attached to a cord. The name of the company of our clients, is acting as the conduit of electrical power. The name of their company is designed, forming the main focus point of the logo. The name of the company is composed of two words. The words are designed in lower case format with the initial letter of each word, designed in upper case format. From the last letter of the second word, the electric cord runs into concave and then convex formats to be attached to the three pronged head. The three pronged head is designed facing the name of the company. The head is slightly tilted towards an upright position.

The strap line of the company is formulated into three sections, indicating the nature of their business.

The colors of the logo are black and red. The strap line is colored red. The name of the color is Fill: 100% PANTONE 186 CVC. The name of the fonts used to design the strap line and name of the company is called BankGothic Md BT.

The logo is void of a drop shadow and border lines.

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