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Pet Food Logo

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Pet Food Logo
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Our client is from Berea Durban, South Africa.

The price of the Pet Food logo is $125.90 (USD). The price includes uncountable variations of fonts, case and colors. The pre-designed logo image remains static.

The Pet Food logo is sent to our client in web and printing formats and in at least 4 different sizes. ensures that our clients have the logo in all the sizes and formats that they need. If our clients require their logo in a specific format (like psd) and a specific size - like 200 pixels x 150 pixels, 72dpi, will send our clients those extra files at no charge. If our clients ever need to change the logo itself - like changing the business name or a color - a small design fee will usually apply.

The Pet Food logo is a design of two animals, a red cross icon, back ground wall and the name of the company. The animal logo shows a dog and a cat. The graphic design image of the dog is larger than that of the cat. The design image of the dog is positioned at the back of the cat. The dog is facing the right hand side of the logo design. The cat is facing the left hand side of the logo design. Both animals are positioned in front of the red cross icon. This red cross icon has a multi-layered facing. The back ground wall stretches from behind the red cross icon towards the right hand side. The back ground wall has a meshed surface.

The name of the business is placed at the bottom part of the pet food logo. The name of the Pet Food logo business is compiled of two words. The pet logo is multi-colored. The outlines and face markings of the dog and cat is colored blue and gray. The bodies of the animals are colored white. The cross is colored red. The borders of the cross are colored blue and gray. The wall is colored blue, while the meshed cube outlines are colored gray. The name of the company is colored white. The back ground color of the name of the company is red. Some of the border lines of the name is colored blue. The name of the business is written in a large bold font.

The name of the fonts is Castle T (Normal)(ENU).

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