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Bull Logo

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Bull Logo
Image file: bull-logo.gif

Our client is from Oak Creek.

The logo design viewed on this page is a pre-designed logo. One of the in-house graphic designers of Biz-Logo.com studios was responsible for the creation of the logo.

The logo is a graphic impression of a bull. The horns of the bull are the most prominent feature of the logo design. The horns were created by a swoosh designed in concave format. The swoosh extends itself over the border lines of a circle. The color of the horns is black. The logo has a multi circle design around the face of the bull. The circle is designed as a black outer circle and a white inner circle. The white circle is slightly smaller than the black circle. This is the circle that enfolds the outer space around the horns. The border is completed by a very small second inner circle. This circle is colored black.

The out lines of the face of the bull is designed in a light brown on a rich dark brown background. The space between the inner circles and the horns of the bull is colored dark brown.

The logo has two final design files. The one final design file contains the name of the company placed right below the logo. The name of the company is situated between two thick black bar lines. The upper bar line touches the outer circle of the logo. The name of the company is designed in bold black capital letters. The second final design file contains the logo of the bull only. No company name was included in this final design file.

The Bull Logo has no border lines.

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