City Water Drop Hand logo

City Water Drop Hand logo

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City Water Drop Hand logo
Image file: city-waterdrop-hand-logo.gif

This pre-designed logo appealed to our client from the United States of America during 2012 and bought it for $125 (USD).

The turn over time is 1 business day between each batch of concept designs.

This masterpiece consists of two gentle hands, carefully holding a massive water drop. City buildings are clearly visible in the background.

The message in this logo, is one of making people aware of the importance of water conservation in a city.

The following colors were used:
Curve-fill: 70% Black
Curve-fill: White
Curve-fill: 100% PANTONE 289 C
Curve-fill: Fountain

Font: IowanOldSt BT (Bold) (ENU) – Fill: PANTONE DS 213 – 1 C

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