Restaurant Steakhouse Logo

Restaurant Steakhouse Logo

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Restaurant Steakhouse Logo
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The pre-designed logo is found in the Restaurant, Catering, Food Category of The link is Please copy and paste the link into your browser to open.

Our client is from Northbrook, IL, United States of America.

Our client gave precise guide lines which enabled one of our in-house graphic designers to complete the logo design project within two business days. A total of seven concept designs were emailed to our client.

The Restaurant Steakhouse logo is a shield design. The contours of the shield resembles the outlines of two concave bows linked by a small concave design in the horizontal center. Both vertical sides of the shield reflects the small concave design, just described, but on a larger scale. The lengths of the vertical sides of the shield is much shorter than the upper and lower parts of the shield. The concave theme is repeated in the interior of the shield. A double swoosh, designed in a concave shape, drapes itself from left to right across the shield. The bottom section of the swoosh overflows the lower portion of the shield.

The contours of the shield is repeated on the interior of the Restaurant Steakhouse logo. The impression is that of a shield within a shield.

The banding between the contours of the shields is colored white. The contours of both shields are colored green. The large interior of the Restaurant Steakhouse logo is colored red. In this space rests the name of the company.

The name of the company is designed in a large font and colored white.

The upper portion of the swoosh is colored green. The lower portion of the swoosh is colored red.

The font is Futura XBlkCn BT (Normal)(ENU).

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