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Internal Medicine Logo

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Internal Medicine Logo
Image file: internal-medicine-logo.gif

Two certain pre-designed logos by Biz-Logo were chosen by our client from Weslaco, Texas, United States of America. These pre-designed logos served as a basis for our client's custom design. Our client wanted an image of an adult man and woman added to as part of the custom logo. The graphic design seen on this page is thus a combination of 2 pre-designed logos incorporated into the ideas of our client.

The final product costs $149-00 (USD). The turn around time was 2 business days.

The Internal Medicine Logo displays a green leaf into which a cross was designed. Two figures were placed on top of the green leaf with the cross. The left figure is that of a man and the right figure is that of a woman.

The slogan is designed right beneath the logo. The name of the company is designed to the right of the Internal Medicine Logo.

The colors of the logo are green, black and white.

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