Fiber Optic Logo

Fiber Optic Logo

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Fiber Optic Logo
Image file: fiber-optic-logo.gif

Our clients are from Columbia, United States of America.

The Fiber Optic Logo is the image displayed on this page. The logo is composed of three swooshes. The first and second swooshes are designed as one swoosh with two concave and two convex formats. The third swoosh ends in an arrow pointing upwards.

The colors of the logo are yellow, red, purple, blue and green. The names of the colors in the same sequence in print are Fill: PANTONE DS 20-1 C, Fill: PANTONE DS 109-1 C, Fill: PANTONE DS 202-1 C, Fill: PANTONE DS 257-1 C and Fill: PANTONE DS264-1 C.

The logo has a shadow base. The name of the shadow base is Fill; 50% Black.

The name of the company is designed below the shadow base.

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