Mobile Eye Care Logo

Mobile Eye Care Logo

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Mobile Eye Care Logo
Image file: mobile-eye-care-logo.gif

Our clients from Auburn, AL United States of America, took up the offer from to create their logo. A partnership between and our clients was born and the making of an unique logo was on its way.

The Mobile Eye Care Logo image features an eye brow of a person. This is expressed by a swoosh designed in convex format. The swoosh or eye brow is designed behind the first letter of the first word on our clients' company name. The swoosh appears to the left side of the letter V (as explained) and emerges to the right side of the letter V. This portion of the swoosh becomes the cross bar of the second letter of the first word, namely an A. The first word of the name of the company is designed in bold capital letters. The first letter is slightly larger than the rest of the letters in this word. The second and third words of the name of the company are designed below the first word. The second and thirds words are designed in capital letters. The size of these letters are much smaller than those of the the first word. The strap line is designed below the last two words of the name. The strap line rests between two horizontal bars.

The logo is designed in two colors. The names of the colors are: dark gray blue - Fill: 100% PANTONE 302 C; light yellow brown - Fill: 100% PANTONE 4505 C.

The names of the fonts used to design the text in is called AvantGarde Bk BT (24 pt); FrizQuadrata BT (31.564 pt) and FrizQuadrata BT (45.552 pt).

The logo has no border lines nor a drop shadow.

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