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Urgent Care Logo

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Urgent Care Logo
Image file: urgent-care-logo.gif

Our client is from Baton Rouge, LA, United States of America.

The logo displayed on this page is a customized logo design. The design depicts a cross, the icon in the medical world. The cross accommodates three swooshes. Two swooshes fold over the middle portion of the cross in close proximity. The swooshes are designed in convex format. The third swoosh designed in a portion of a perfect circle touches both the two larger swooshes. The rest of the cross, colored red, can be seen, peeping through open spaces left by the three swooshes. The bottom section of the cross is colored blue.

The name and strap line of the company are designed to the right side of the logo. A flimsy veil is designed, covering the top part of the first word of the company name, dipping down to the lowest point in the second word of the company name and transpired to the top of the last letter of the same word.

The strap line is designed in two sections. The first section contains two words colored red. The last section contains eight words. These are colored blue.

No border lines were designed.

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