Bold Real Estate Swoosh logo

Bold Real Estate Swoosh logo

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Bold Real Estate Swoosh logo
Image file: bold-real-estate-swoosh-logo.gif

The Real Estate Business of our client from Canada, called for a logo and decided on our Custom Budget Package, which was purchased at $149 (USD). With this package, our clients receive 3 concept designs to choose from.

The finalized logo is now the property of our client since 2012.

This logo depicts a brightly colored home with an open door, providing the viewer with such a hearty welcome feeling. The chimney is designed to the right side of the roof.

The name of the company forms part of this creation.

A shadow base is visible underneath the company name.

Font: LetterOMatic! (Bold) (ENU) – Fill: Black

Colors: 100% PANTONE 187 C and 185 C.

Curve-Fill: G:178.

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