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Star Real Estate Logo
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Our clients are from Florida in the USA where they manage an Addiction Network. They provide thousands of quality therapy centers to help you find the best addiction treatment program to fit your individual needs.

Addiction is the inability to refrain from consuming a substance or controlling a behaviour and can vary from the intake of drugs and alcohol to behaviours such as gambling or shopping. The mind’s craving for these activities demolishes one’s well-being and can lead to serious lack of control.

Their guide to recovery consists of the following treatments:

Detox - During detoxification the patient is under medical observation 24 hours to make sure the procedure is as safe and pleasant as possible.

Inpatient Treatment - A patient living in a rehab facility during a set period of time and can range from one to three months, but can continue to much longer periods if required.

Outpatient Treatment - Treatments an individual may receive, such as medical, psychiatric, etc. that does not require them to live at the facility.

Sober living homes - Allow the individual to surround themselves with other people who are also trying to stay clean and assist with support in a community setting.

During 2015 Rachael and team discovered a suitable pre-designed logo for their flourishing organization in our Real Estate category at at $145 (USD).

Our Star Real Estate logo was a spot on choice, as it illustrates a five-pointed star with the warmth of a homely environment embedded therein. The five-pointed star symbolizes a figurine in an upright standing position. In addition to this, the red color of the home is associated with our will to survive. Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates patients in rehab to take action and can also give confidence to those who experience a lack in will power.

The outline of the star is gray in color, which refers to the depressed state the patients experience with their addictions.

The swoosh surrounding the star indicates progress taking place, in the form of therapy.

To compliment this design, it is draped in the colors of the USA flag, herefore we used 100% Pantone 7455 C and 100% Pantone 199 C. The name of the gray we used, is PANTONE Cool Gray 11 C.

The name of the font is Optima ExtraBlack.

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