Letter B Trading Logo

Letter B Trading Logo

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Letter B Trading Logo
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The Letter B Trading Logo was created by Biz-Logo.com.

Our client is from Shreveport, LA 71101 United States of America. The logo design that gripped the attention of our client is a pre-designed logo found in the Letter Category.

The letter B is designed in small letter format. The letter B is designed into a circle. The circle has a double band. The outer membrane of the circle runs continually without intersections. The inner membrane of the circle becomes part of the design of the letter B. The inner circle folds into the letter B logo design to become part of the design.

The letter B is colored white. The inner circle is colored blue. The name of the color blue is: Fill: 100% PANTONE 288 C.

The font used to design the text is called FritzQuadrata Bt.

The name of the company is designed below the logo.

The logo has no drop shadow, border lines or strap line.

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