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Realty House Logo

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Realty House Logo
Image file: realty-house-logo.gif

The Realty House logo displays two distinct sections. The upper section is the graphic design of the outlines of a house. The house is without a chimney. However, the graphic designer took the right hand side of the the house into a downward swoosh. The swoosh simulates a part of the property on which it is built. The center of the realty house has another design, following the outer lines of the house itself, cutting the sharp contours of the house. This design is shaped in a semi circle image. The graphic design inside the center of the outer logo image gives the logo design a three dimensional impression.

Underneath the house is a swoosh in convex format. The swoosh starts slightly separated from the base of the house, curving upward, and close to the base of the house to stop with a downward curve to the right hand side of the logo.

The logo design is colored in four colors. The construction of the house is colored black. The center space inside the house graphic design is colored white. The swoosh is colored red. At the base of the realty house logo, the company name is designed.

The color of the company name is black. Underneath the company name is the tag line of the business, colored in light gray. The dimensions of the business name is large, taking a prominent position in the logo design.

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