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Letter W Logo

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Letter W Logo
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The graphic design shown on this page was created by one of our in-house graphic designers. It is not a mere font. It is an authentic art work.

The graphic image displays the Western letter W. The initial portion of the letter W is designed as a back-to-forth right mark. Adjacent to it is designed a simulation of the letter V of the Western alphabet. This unique combination of existing, recognized language entities accentuates the graphic design skills of our designers.

The letter W as described above is embedded into a rectangular. In the middle portion of the rectangular, avoiding the actual letter W, runs a ray of light. The upper and lower parts of the rectangular is endowed with the same bronze color. A black border line finishes off the outside of the rectangular.

The name and strap line of our clients company is designed designed to the right side of the logo.

The name of the company is drawn in bold, elegant capital letters. The strap line is drawn in smaller format, but in capital letters as well.

The letter W is colored black and so is the name and strap line of the company.

The font used to design the name of our clients company in is called Eurostile LT ExtendedTwo-Normal(Western). The strap line is designed in Prociano-Normal(Turkish).

The name of the color Bronze is called Fill: Fountain, Outline: None.

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