Rod Of Asclepius Logo

Rod Of Asclepius Logo

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Rod Of Asclepius Logo
Image file: rod-of-asclepius-logo.gif

The logo design on this page is a custom logo by

The logo was designed to the very specific needs of our client. Our client came to finalization of his logo on the 9th business day. Keep in mind please that this custom logo has a turn around time of 2 business days between each revision.

The price of the logo designed package was $399-00 (USD). The logo is the property of our clients company.

The logo image depicts a rod of Asclepius. Asclepius is an ancient figure in the Greek mythology. He was claimed to be a healer of sicknesses.

The rod is design in upright position. A swoosh flows from underneath the base of the rod to the back of the rod and over the upper part of the rod. Border lines to this logo were omitted.

The name of the company is designed as an intricate part of the logo design. The name is design to the right of the logo.

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