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Global Insurance Group Logo

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Global Insurance Group Logo
Image file: global-insurance-group-logo.gif

Our client from Austin, Texas found the logo seen on this page on the Web site of This logo is a pre-designed logo. The logo was designed from scratch.

The logo image features a globe inside a shield. The globe is gritted and shows the continent of North and South America. The shield is double bordered.

A swoosh appears from behind the left side of the shield, swooping right over the globe (North America) and disappears in a sharp edge in outer space.

The swoosh is colored blue. The name of the color is Fill: 100% PANTONE 2747 C.

The right upper part between the globe and the shield is colored in Fill: 100% PANTONE 201 C.

The name of the company is designed to the right hand side of the logo using the font FrizQuadrata BT.

The slogan designed below the name of the company is also designed using the font FrizQuadrata BT.

The logo stands free from border lines.

The shadow base reflects the swoosh and the shield.

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